Friday, August 26, 2011

Last incubation for awhile...*pics**

Heres a picture of my incubator filled with my last eggs for the next month or so!!!
The pekin on top left are hatching sept 3rd most of the coturnix are hatching monday. or tuesday same with buttons. Then iono with the conchin bantams and swedish blue duck eggs, and the rest of the coturnix eggs. I am now storing up for a when my new breeders are laying. Oh and pics will be coming of all my new babies!!! You can be sure of that!!! Just been working a lot and vry late!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh wow! I was going to post about locking down last night.. But..

WE ARE HATCHING NOW!!! 2 DAYS EARLY!!! 3 coturnix chicks in 30 minutes! And more are pipped and on their way out! Keep watching as I will be posting pics of the cuties!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Duck egg candling DAY 6!!!! *SIGNS OF LIFE* ^_^

FINALLY I see signs of life in ALL FOUR eggs!!! Even slight movement in 3 of them!!! 1 thru 3 have movement and veining, and 4 have veining and embryo!!!

New donate button!

I am trying to get enough donations to keep my hatching and blogging alive. If I get enough donations I may start raffling off *FREE HATCHING EGGS*!!! NO you are not required to donate! It is merely a suggestion. My blogging will always be free for everyone!

Been so busy here are some pic updates on the 3wk old babies!!!

Turning out very pretty!!! Most of my babies have found new homes these guys I may just keep! They are all so beautiful! But of course I have 4 dozen coturnix eggs that will hatch and I will want to keep them! >.< They are all beautiful, happy, and healthy. I have 16 button eggs in the hatcher right now, nearly 2 dozen coturnix cooking, and 4 pekin eggs cooking. 3 Doz coturnix are coming today, and next week I set swedish blue duck eggs!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

DIY Fountain Feeders cont...

I decided to make a CHICK fount feeder!!!
Now even the smallest chick can use a feeder! I used a propel bottle.. Free from my mother.

Egg Pic Thread I "Started" on BYC!

Kinda interesting thread that sprouted out of me posting a pic of my "Eggzilla" join on in!!! Doesn't have to be impressive, just show us pics of your eggs! And the bird(s) that laid them!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011


These are 2 eggs my coturnix female Marge laid in two days... One being... Significantly larger... Poor thing!!!
Egg 1 is from yesterday, egg 2 is from today... Made the poor girl scream when she laid it!!!

DIY Fountain Feeders!!! Me and my DB's own design!!! Make it your own!!!

Step 1: Cut a pop bottle off little higher than center, take off lid, and invert.
 Step 2: Cut the bottom of the feed holes starting just above the mouth of the pop bottle. (cut feed hole sizes according to your needs on each side if preferred)
 Step 3: Fill 'er up!!(slowly in case you didn't cut or measure right so you don't spill!)
VIOLA! A .60 fountain feeder!!!(depending on size of bottle 3 liter may be .99)
Don't stop anything from making changes. It could make it better!!! Make it your own!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New pictures!!!

Candling a button egg
My new coturnix eggs due 23rd of August:

My Pekin eggs due 3rd of September:
All my eggs together(all 48 of them):

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Well my 2 other females...

Crowed... Uh ohs...

Just made a quail flier!

Gonna post them at my local feed store! I hope I get some business! It's a simple flier, but I need the brooder space.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Soo many eggs....!

I have 2doz coturnix eggs coming to me from Stellar Gamebirds, and 4 ducks eggs! :-O
 What is the world coming to lol!! I am not only going to be crawling in quail, but swimming in ducklings lol!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pretty lil egg!

Actually big ol egg!!! Compared to my buttons!!!

Oops he laid an egg!

I guess he is a she!!! I get them this morning and have an egg out of him when I go to re-sex them!!!

New additions to my quail addiction!^_^

Now introducing my Tuxedo Coturnix!!!
Two males two females. Not an ideal ratio I know, but it will get the job done :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Its on the runty side...

Don't expect it to live through the night... But we have two other pips. So *crosses fingers*

Gah! Pipped egg at wrong end!!

I did a no-no and am helping it.... Bled a little so I am letting it sit in the bator some more... Bad thing is I think its getting shrinkwrapped...