Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hatch day cometh on monday yet again!!!

I am hoping for more fuzzy butts!!! As I turned the eggs I placed them on a flat surface and they wiggled, well most of them... And so hopefully we will have a few more fuzzballs running around here! Going to make more brooders for them too.. Going to have waay to many brooders and cages!!! Buying coturnix eggs monday if all goes well, and make a cage and brooder for them as well. Selling a few of my own eggs to a local person because I have some more stellar gamebird button eggs coming tomorrow most likely (a good selection of pied and fallow I hear). So I can't accommodate too terribly many more eggs so I offered up my eggs, in exchange for bator space. Especially since I am getting coturnix eggs I will need that bator space. 

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